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Energy investment support for the construction phase

Investing in energy - the construction phase

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Carlos Albero

Carlos Albero

Global Finance Segment Leader

Spiralling CAPEX is the biggest complaint among energy investors during construction. But energy projects are extremely complex with many stakeholders and the possibility of changes to the project’s requirements or eventual operating landscape. So how do you manage design issues and order changes during construction while minimizing cost overruns?

As a highly experienced lender’s and owner’s engineer with in-depth, multidisciplinary expertise, DNV is ideally positioned to help you meet these challenges. You can rely on us to manage the complex interface between so many stakeholders and contracts while helping minimize risk. We are with you all the way through the construction phase, carrying out site acceptance to ensure all work is up to the highest quality standards.

Contact us:

Carlos Albero

Carlos Albero

Global Finance Segment Leader

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