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CUI Manager: Take control of corrosion under insulation

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It’s time the oil and gas industry took control of CUI and felt confident in managing the risk.

  • Increase safety – Manage the threat of a hidden killer 
  • Reduce costs – Save up to 50% on your plant maintenance costs 
  • Make better decisions – Make the most of your asset data; plan actions that match your risk profile 

Based on an industry-first methodology developed in partnership with oil and gas operators and regulators, DNV’s CUI Manager answers the pressing question of how to manage the uncertainty of something that you can’t see or readily inspect.

You can find out more about CUI Manager by watching our short video.

Implements improved methodology

This digital tool implements a comprehensive methodology to manage the risk of CUI. The methodology was developed in partnership with oil and gas operators and regulators. We published this methodology as Recommended Practice RP-G109 in December 2019. CUI Manager allows you to combine your asset data with DNV’s methodology to identify and monitor risks and diagnose and treat the onset of corrosion under insulation accurately and effectively.

Built for plant operators, integrity managers and engineers

CUI Manager continuously assesses and calculates the risk of CUI in process plants, helping integrity engineers and managers identify areas of a plant with the greatest current and future risk, and take action to prevent failure. It supports asset managers and plant operators to manage the uncertainty of something that you can’t see or readily inspect and to tackle the number one industry threat of plant integrity.

Identify, monitor, and mitigate risks

  • Enter mitigation and operational data and continuously asses and monitor your current and future CUI risk and its related costs 
  • Optimize your CUI strategy and planning by giving detailed instant insights on current and planned risk and the resulting cost development
  • Share CUI management data across companies by using our shared global database 
  • Sort and filter functions and populate data and structured information for better communication of your CUI assessment results  
  • Backup and store CUI data safely and integrate with existing ERP systems (such as SAP) and different inspection database tools.

CUI comparison tool screenshot (2)   
(Screenshot of CUI Manager compare tool) 

Discover CUI Manager

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