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Håvard Grindheim

Håvard Grindheim

Group Leader

Tor Helge Kristiansen

Tor Helge Kristiansen

Principal Cyber Security Consultant

Understand what went wrong, what you need to do to recover effectively and establish robust procedures for handling cyber attacks

Cyber security attacks are inevitable. How your organization manages and recovers from an attack is what makes the difference.

DNV gives you access to highly trained cyber experts with skillsets specific to your industry to enable you to take rapid action, while effectively managing stakeholders.

We undertake unbiased assessments of what went wrong and deliver quick and practical advice on the implications and what you need to do to get critical operational technology (OT) and IT infrastructure back into safe operation.

Prepare to manage future cyber attacks effectively

Minimize the impact of a cyber attack on your operations by establishing robust incident response and recovery procedures to defend your reputation and bottom line.

Our practical advice will enable your organization to raise awareness and make improvements across its people, processes and technology to prepare, respond, and recover from cyber breaches. Should an attack occur, we offer independent and specialist assessments of the root cause of the cyber security incident, its consequences and the remedial measures you need to take.

Build cyber resilience with the support of our 24/7 incident response and strategic threat intelligence services. Our 24/7 incident response service ensures you always have a team of incident response and forensics experts on call to respond to incidents and help you analyse and take action to minimize damage and restore operational capability should a cyber attack occur. By keeping you informed of threat landscape developments, our threat intelligence updates enable you to take proactive action to protect key assets from attackers.

Our incident response & investigation services

Our services will help you to react, address and recover from cyber incidents across your critical systems and networks, including:

Incident response

Respond to cyber attacks effectively with our on-call team of experienced incident responders and forensics experts. Provided on retainer, our response teams are available 24/7 and apply efficient analysis and incident-handling playbooks to bring your operations back to service quickly and minimize damage from cyber attacks.

Strategic threat intelligence

Keep up to date on key developments in the energy and maritime sectors with our strategic threat monitoring service. Our intelligence updates allow you to take proactive action with clear recommendations and improve security controls where they matter.

Incident root cause analysis

Identify the flaws in people, processes or technology that led to a cyber incident. DNV provides unbiased and independent advice, and access to experts in OT and IT infrastructure with in-depth experience in incident response.

Cyber security roadmap

Recover efficiently from an attack, manage stakeholders and resources effectively, and bring OT and IT systems safely back online with clear and practical advice from DNV.

Cyber strategy development & implementation

Address the cyber gap between OT and IT systems and prevent incidents from happening again through our range of strategy & programme, governance, risk & compliance, and insight & training services.

Incident response planning

Develop incident response procedures and train personnel to detect, mitigate, and recover from cyber incidents across OT and IT infrastructure.

Why work with DNV?

DNV combines specialist industry knowledge with engineering expertise and information system best practice to assess your critical infrastructure from every angle. Our domain knowledge enables us to effectively bridge the cyber gap between OT and IT infrastructure, and to provide organizations with the strategic programmes, insights, and tools they need to prepare, prevent, and recover from cyber incidents.

Contact us:

Håvard Grindheim

Håvard Grindheim

Group Leader

Tor Helge Kristiansen

Tor Helge Kristiansen

Principal Cyber Security Consultant

Our cyber security services

Strategy & programme

Develop effective cyber security strategies and programmes, even when you face tight deadlines

Testing & verification

Test and verify the resilience of systems, networks and components, and access practical, unbiased advice to enable you to prioritize mitigation of vulnerabilities

Safety & security risk management

Ensure security and safety in the design of new and existing projects

Governance, risk & compliance

Implement robust governance, risk and compliance

Incident response & investigation

Respond and recover effectively from cyber attacks

Insights & training

Ensure that you have the right insights and training in place to build awareness across the full lifecycle of your operations