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Financing the Energy Transition

Energy Transition Outlook 2021
ETO 2021 - Financing the energy transition
Explore what’s needed to ensure an affordable, accelerated and just transition

DNV’s Financing the Energy Transition research (download via the form at the end of this page) focuses on the financial opportunities and challenges for financiers, policymakers, developers, and energy companies:

  • An affordable transition – considering whether a Paris-compliant transition is affordable, and what may be needed to mobilize and redirect capital
  • Accelerating the transition – examining the role of financial markets, policy, and regulation, and how to get capital to flow to where it can have the most impact on emissions
  • Ensuring a just transition – exploring the importance of balancing sustainable priorities, ensuring co-benefits, and building climate resilience.

The report combines DNV’s independent energy forecast to 2050 with views from a diverse set of leaders in the energy and finance sectors.

Watch the discussion

DNV brought together leaders from finance, policy, and the energy industry for a live event on 30 September 2021 to discuss the opportunities and challenges in financing the energy transition. (Access the recording via the form at the end of this page)

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Financing the Energy Transition Event on 30 September 2021 (access the recording via the form at the end of this page)

Speakers include:
  • Daniel Wong, Global Co-Head Macquarie Capital and Chair of Macquarie’s Green Investment Group
  • Hilde Røed, Senior Vice President Climate & Sustainability, Equinor
  • Sean Kidney, Co-Founder and CEO, Climate Bonds Initiative
  • Dr. Nina Skorupska, Chief Executive, The Association for Renewable Energy and Clean Technology (REA)
  • Mike Peirce, Director of Corporate Partnerships, The Climate Group
  • Helena Anderson, Co-Founder and COO, Ikigai Capital
  • Ditlev Engel, CEO, Energy Systems at DNV
  • Jeremy Parkes, Global Business Lead for EVs and Author of Financing the Energy Transition, DNV

Suite of Energy Transition Outlook reports

DNV launched its annual Energy Transition Outlook research and suite of reports at the beginning of September 2021, presenting our independent forecast of the world’s energy system to 2050. This once again identified the need for an even faster transition and reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, to reach the ambitions of the Paris Agreement. You can download DNV’s full suite of Energy Transition Outlook reports for free from our Energy Transition Outlook 2021 Download Centre.

ETO 2021 - Financing the energy transition

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