DNV is proud to have participated at COP26!
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A 1.5°C future is possible

COP26 comes at a pivotal moment for the world’s climate. It is possible to limit global warming to the Paris Agreement 1.5°C target, but it will require massive action starting today. If the right decisions and actions are not taken and the difficult decisions are left to future years, this possibility may close.

The world can and must do much more to transition faster to a deeply decarbonized energy system. Technology and capital are ready; it is policy and a lack of actionable regulatory plans that are holding back a clean energy future. 

Thinking at the level of energy systems is essential, working strategically across industries and regions to accelerate the transition.

DNV at COP26: Engaging on technology, finance, and policy

DNV is the world’s leading resource of independent energy experts and technical advisors. With our Energy Transition Outlook research, we provide our forecast of the most likely energy future and a possible pathway to a 1.5°C future, to help governments and industries navigate the many complex, interrelated transitions taking place globally and regionally. We are here to help, to support the world in transitioning faster to a deeply decarbonized energy system.

DNV will speak at events and have a presence in Glasgow throughout COP26. Get an overview of DNV’s COP26 activities and where to find us.

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DNV at COP26

A 1.5°C future is possible

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DNV Maritime and COP26

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