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Looking inside oil and gas processes

Understanding the complexities of production is vital for productivity and safety. DNV provides expert advice on the flow and processing of fluids during the development and operational phases of oil and gas projects.

Our in-depth knowledge across the gas value chain provides critical technical support for a risk-free transition to a secure and sustainable supply.

With more than 25 years' experience in the oil and gas industry, our know-how is backed by continuous research and execution of a series of joint industry projects.

We can provide simulation and modelling of the flow of fluids in pipelines (single and multiphase, dynamic, steady state and CFD), predict the behaviours of produced fluids, and undertake well modelling. Our flow testing laboratories also offer vibration analysis, sand erosion testing and other specialist flow assurance services.

Our expertise in the operation of all major gas processing units is supported by commercial and in-house software packages and safety systems modelling.

Our gas quality and metering services include assessing the effect on downstream operation, and access to low and high pressure test facilities.

We can also help you develop gas supply strategies and evaluate non-conventional gas sources.

What we offer:

  • Independent advice
  • Advanced software and test facilities
  • Flow services
  • Gas processing services
  • Gas quality and metering support
  • Energy management strategies
  • Gas interchangeability expertise.

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