Our purpose, vision and values

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To safeguard life, property and the environment

Our Purpose is our reason for being as an organization. It is as relevant today as it has ever been. It directs our efforts in serving our customers and society at large.


A trusted voice to tackle global transformations

Our Vision expresses our ambition for the business. It gives us direction and captures what we would like to accomplish in the long term to help us deliver on our Purpose.



We care for each other, our customers, our planet, and we take care of ourselves.


We dare to explore, to experiment, to be different, and to be courageous, curious and creative.


We share our experience and knowledge. We collaborate with each other and our customers, and we continue to grow and develop as a result.

Our Values are beliefs that shape our performance. These ideals are the behaviours expected of all of us and are important for achieving our Purpose and Vision.

DNV Business Assurance Sweden AB is a fully owned subsidiary of DNV Business Assurance Group AS and is financed by revenue from customers and equity from parent company.