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Blue hydrogen in a low-carbon energy future

Exploring what it takes to produce low-carbon blue hydrogen

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The Pathway to Net Zero Emissions

A 1.5°C future is possible. Explore DNV’s pathway to net zero emissions, including roadmaps by sector and 10 world regions.

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Energy Transition Outlook 2021

The world is not currently on the right trajectory to achieve net zero by 2050. Get DNV’s forecast for the world’s most likely energy future

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Technology Progress

The technologies needed for a clean energy future are available; they just need to scale. Get the latest on 10 key technologies

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Financing the Energy Transition

A Paris-compliant transition is affordable, but will require a massive redirection of capital. Discover how to finance an accelerated and just transition

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Rising to the challenge of a hydrogen economy

Discover what’s driving emerging hydrogen value chains, and get insight how the energy industry is rising to the challenge of a hydrogen economy

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More than the sun: A solar report series

Solar PV is a vital part of the energy transition—and the path is brightly lit

Faster together
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Realizing the hydrogen economy

DNV is helping to change the timeline from hydrogen on the horizon to hydrogen in homes, businesses, and transport systems.

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Transition faster together

To a deeply decarbonized energy system

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DNV Maritime and COP26

Join DNV and industry experts to help turn targets into achievements